Websites and blogs with jekyll

11 Jul 2013

Wordpress is a great tool to use for your blog. In the last years it was much improved and can be used as a good CMS for “static” websites as well, when a more complex CMS like Typo3 is oversized. But with every version Wordpress gets bigger and gets more features you don’t really need. And as all big systems from time to time security related bugs are found. If you have only one installation it is not a big deal to update Wordpress from time to time because the update process is really optimized and can be done via the interface. But if you have dozens of installations an update can be a really time consuming task.

Therefore I started to look for an easy to us system which generates just HTML files I can upload to a webserver. I remembered that over a decade ago I used WML by Ralf Engelschall for some of my projects.